Expertly serving a wide range of industries

For over 30 years, we have gained significant experience in a wide variety of industries. We understand that sales are important to any industry, so we make sure that getting attention at retail is our priority.

Whether you are promoting a product, service or special event, a well designed display or unique promotional piece can make all the difference. We will make sure your brand stands out, your products get off the shelf, and your company is remembered.

Check out some of the industries we serve below, and learn how Hawver can make a difference for you!

Wine & Liquor Displays

At Hawver, we’ll make your product stand out in the competitive world that is wine and liquor stores. Amongst all of the various bottles and products, have yours grab and keep the attention of the customer.

Sporting & Gun

Get your product noticed with an impressive and uncommon display. Our expert team of innovative designers and engineers will work diligently to make a difference for your brand.

Medical Displays

In the medical and pharmaceutical device industry, education is just as important as sales. Whether your audience is medical professionals or consumers, make sure your message comes across in an informative and memorable way with a unique display.

Grocery & Retail

In this bustling industry that is constantly changing its trends and products, make sure you are a step ahead with a custom point-of-purchase display that will make your brand stand out amongst the rest.