Our Approach

Hawver gets products noticed

At Hawver, we work diligently every step of the way. Not only will we deliver your project complete and ready to go in a matter of weeks, but we have fun while doing so! Our creative team of experts is always ready to take on a new challenge.

Experts, but fun

Over the past 30 years, Hawver has been creating custom displays to showcase our clients’ products. We understand that in order to stand out in the competitive retail world, displays need to be unique. That is why we have fun at our jobs - because we know creative minds lead to creative solutions.

Creative, but professional

We are here to help you succeed. Anyone can buy the best equipment or the latest technology, but it’s the passionate people and creative ideas that make a company truly stand out. Our detailed process makes sure we know your brand and product well, and are able to display it in a creative way, designed to get you the best ROI possible.

Strive for excellence

At Hawver, we always strive to be better. Our team is dedicated to excellence, which is why we have won awards on many of our custom displays throughout the years.

Pushing boundaries with a purpose:
To get attention at retail

In order to attract a customer's attention in the busy retail world, your product display needs to stand out. Our expert team can make that happen.

Appreciate expectations,
but know limitations

Our years of expertise allow us to create a great product within reasonable means. Not every product display should have extra lights and sounds, while some will really excel with these special features. We know what works.

Love challenges

Bring us a problem, and we will have fun solving it. Our team stays creative and continues to come up with fresh ideas because we realize that no two projects are alike. We love challenges, and we’d love the opportunity to tackle yours.

Balancing act:
Matching the flash to the budget

We always take into account your particular brand, product and budget. We match the right materials and features to your message, within the specified means