How To Increase Revenue with Creative Point of Purchase Displays

creative pop displays to increase shop revenue
A standalone display is often the first thing that catches the eye of a consumer, even in a busy store. Businesses can capitalize on that fact with a sale-oriented creative display in retail settings. There are a few rules of thumb to follow to make creative POP displays work for you.

Impulse Buy

Consumers buy a lot of merchandise on a whim. How can you get them to buy yours? Creative POP displays let you capitalize on impulse buys, especially in everyday places like grocery stores, gas station markets, liquor stores, and chain discount stores. Depending on the product, for example a standalone floor display may multiply sales by three times as much as it would without the POP in place. The right approach can prompt shoppers to put your product in their cart. If improving sales for your products is your goal, creative displays are a direct route to a better bottom line.


A POP display can never be boring. If it is, it isn't doing its job. Mass manufacturers can make anything, but a more personalized approach with a smaller, more artistic company will provide you with advertising displays that work. Hand-crafted creative displays can be more versatile with moving pieces and clever layouts. A waving hand or a blowing fan can catch the eye of a shopper or their children. Creativity may also be the key to getting a merchandiser to agree to your display. It may even lead them to keep it up longer. Good store managers know that frequent shoppers don't engage with new products unless something significant brings that product to their attention. The same managers are eager to keep their store looking fresh and interesting. If you can bring them a creative campaign that will enhance their image, they will have a hard time saying no. They will also be more likely to place your creative displays in a place of prominence.

Expand Your Message

Part of that creativity needs to be aimed at expanding your consumer base. It should reach out to the people who might not realize how your product could benefit them. You can give it a cool factor, certainly, with the right images. You can also make a Mom or Dad feel that they can do be a better parent if they just had your product. There are many angles, including capitalizing on the season of the year or a well-known holiday. These efforts may be enough to encourage patrons to purchase your product at this particular time.

Shock Value

You can capitalize on free advertising if your POP has a shock value that encourages shoppers to take a picture and post it. It shouldn't be an unpleasant shock, obviously, but rather one that invites the viewer into the frame. A surprisingly funny slogan, a big cuddly character, or a sexy woman may be all it takes to make a person stop and take a picture with your creative display in retail settings. Moving parts that invite interaction can also encourage shoppers to get out their smartphones. When it comes to creative POP displays, you'll find answers to your toughest questions at Hawver Display. We can help your business score more sales with a handcrafted approach to point of purchase displays.