Case Study

Gunlocke came to us with a unique challenge: create a portable sales display kit to showcase its innovative product offering, while utilizing the same materials the company uses in its furniture-building process. We were more than up for the challenge.


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Gunlocke manufactures fine wood office furniture for some of the world’s most demanding clients--they settle for nothing less than the very best. Their innovative furniture stands the test of time, and we needed to make a display kit to prove it.

Gunlocke previously used an off-the-shelf binder with vinyl zipper pouches to display its offerings. This created a problem for its salespeople, as they struggled to display all their finishes at once.

Design and Prototype

Our team created a corrugated prototype to show the client our proposal for displaying their finishing materials within a compact space. Then we took it a step further by creating a full rigid wrap out of furniture cover cloth and Myco Board for the custom laser cut deck.

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The client was thrilled with the prototype, so we quickly got to work producing 100 sales kits.


Extremely proud of our creation, we packaged each kit separately to ensure it was delivered to our Gunlocke client exactly they way we created it. It was, and they loved it.