SKYY Vodka

Case Study

SKYY Vodka wanted to capitalize on their sponsorship of Team New Zealand in the iconic sailboat race, The America’s Cup. And we wanted to help them. With an array of competing sponsors, Hawver’s objective was to create an affordable display that had a strong impact at retail.


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We decided that if we were going to tackle this challenge, we needed to dig deep in the world of sailboat races. We researched the event, venue and competitors.

We came to the conclusion that we needed an eye-catching design that played off the nautical theme of its surroundings and resonated with event-goers.

Design and Prototype

Fully into the nautical mindset, our team created a color rendering detailing the unique use of materials emulating a sailboat. We then created a full color prototype for SKYY’s approval.

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The client loved it. Our team got busy producing 1,000 displays for the event. The use of materials complemented the eye-catching design.

For the base of the display, we used a 4/c litho mounted to chipboard. We created custom-bent powder-coated steel rods, used for the sail frames. We used vinyl simulating sail material for the sails, and mounted actual rope across the front--complete with a sailor’s knot.